HOWARD for City Council District 6

I have decided to end My Campaign for Fayetteville City Council

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I recently met with Peter Pappas and we have almost identical visions for District 6.

We both want, better Police patrols

Improved Bus Routes

More transparency for City Council Dealings 

We both favor allowing Dismass to build a halfway house to allow prisoners to reintegrate into society  after they have paid their dues

We both realize that citizens of district 6 do not receive the same services as the rest of the city and want to work to make sure we get our fair share of recreational facilities .


 This is why i am supporting Peter Pappas for City Council District 6.





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Why is Leigh Running ?


I was upset about the way I saw things going in Fayetteville.

I was going to move away and let things solve themselves, but then I realized that  I could make a difference.

    We need to support our law enforcement officers both financially and morally. Good Law enforcement benefits everyone. I am tired of going out for a walk in the neighborhood and having to jump off the road when someone comes zooming down my 25MPH street at 50 MPH. I am old and aware of things, but there are 5-year-olds testing their training wheels on that street. We need local speed enforcement or speed bumps to get folks to slow down and make the community safer for everyone.

    Businesses need to feel safe in Fayetteville and know that our police will protect them and keep them safe.

The current City Council does not get along with each other very well and it shows with board appointments failing to be made.  Fighting each other and censuring each other does not help make Fayetteville a better place. It takes away the Happy vibe from the city. What I know of the council infighting is hearsay and I can’t take sides based on he said, she said. However if I am elected and have a policy disagreement with other council members I will let them know, and not resort to personal attacks or to physical intimidation of other council members.


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     There are many issues in the city council right now  which need to be opened up to the Public. Dismas charities halfway house, The Plan to sell PWC to an outside firm,  Some of the behavior by Council Members towards others.  

     While many of these things may not have violated any laws, I think the public has a right to know what is going on. When I was in charge of large amounts of money in the Army I welcomed an investigation whenever there was any hint of wrongdoing or ignorance of how money had been spend. If nothing wrong or intentionally wrong was done the investigation could clear you and erase any cloud of doubt. This is why I am upset with the council not wanting the allegations against them investigated. If there is nothing to hide they should welcome an outside investigation. That 4 members would vote against even a local ethics investigation makes you wonder “What are they hiding”



Dismas (halfway house)

I Consider myself to be a law and order candidate. If you commit a Crime you should do the time. I also believe that after you do the time you should be able to live a normal life (with the exception of sexual predators)  So I favor halfway houses to help prisoners readjust to the community before being released.  As a Christian I believe that anyone can change.   I have seen people jailed at a young age for minor drug charges go to prison served their time then not be able to get a job which sends them back into doing things which hurt the community.

     Where I have issue on this is that the public was not not made aware of the details , especially not naming everyone who had financial interests in this.  Instead of telling the community what was happening all the news came from people opposed to the project and most people had no idea what was actually going to be built.


If the city were to have great benefit by turning over PWC to Berhard capital, Why were the talks covered by Non Disclosure agreements?

    You also have to consider if they were going to pay the city maybe a billion dollars where would that money come from ?  I am sure that Bernhard didn’t just have someone drive through Fayetteville. say “That looks like a nice place. Lets just give them a billion dollars out of the kindness of our hearts”.   

   No, that billion dollars would come from PWC customers. Either higher bills or by cutting workers and services.  However the money would have been made I feel that the dealings with Bernhard should have been more open.

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Why is Leigh’s Army Experience relevant?

 In Iraq CPT Howard was tasked with Auditing over 100 million dollars in rebuilding Iraq projects. Though Leigh was not a Finance Officer, Leigh was able find many unfinished projects that needed to be terminated and  other projects which had unspent funds that CPT Howard was able to return to the American Taxpayer  

   As a City Council member Leigh would vigorously look at how our taxes are being spent in Fayetteville and bring attention to areas where funding and results don’t match up.

    Leigh recognizes the struggles that many of our veterans go through and wants to make sure that they feel welcome to stay in Fayetteville once their time of service has ended.                

     While Leigh respects the Fayetteville Police and thinks they do a good job there is need for the FPD to work with military members who do stupid things. Some service member think FPD is out to get them. Improving the relationship with those young soldiers not only makes Fayetteville safer, but could encourage them to join FPD and make Fayetteville a better place


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                     CPT Howard negotiating with the Baboons

of Arta, Dijbouti, Africa


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